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WasteXperts Reduce Waste Disposal Expenses 24%

Trash room appearance before and after WasteXperts help

This apartment complex in Woodland Hills, California is a five-floor mid-rise apartment complex with 395 units, three trash rooms, and trash chute rooms on each floor. WasteXperts helped this property reduce waste disposal expenses by $61,000 per year. An Audit Exposes Waste Management Problems This property was spending a lot more than they needed to … Read more

Waste Audit Yields Big Saving on Garbage Hauling

Waste Audit found $1846 Saving on Garbage Hauling Expense

This apartment complex in Livermore, California is a garden-style apartment complex. When property management wanted to reduce their waste disposal expenses and increase their recycling to comply with California regulations like SB 1383, they asked WasteXperts for help. WasteXperts performed a waste audit for the complex that resulted in a big monthly saving on garbage … Read more

Case Study: Odor Control Equipment for Fly and Odor Problems

Odor Control Equipment to Remove Dumpster Room Smells

One of our clients in San Francisco has a mid-rise apartment complex that has 186 units in a 9-story building. There are two trash rooms with chutes coming from the upper levels. Each room has two trash dumpsters and two recycling bins. The ground floor trash rooms and the resident chute rooms on the upper … Read more

How to Get Rid of Biohazardous Waste

WasteXperts will profesionally Get Rid of Biohazardous Waste found in the Waste Stream

Communities in both urban and suburban areas frequently have to deal with the issues of sharps waste and hazardous materials found in their waste streams. There are proper ways to dispose of this material. The question often comes up – what’s the right way to get rid of biohazardous waste when you find sharps or … Read more

How Can Businesses Reduce Organic Waste for SB 1383?

Sorting bins inside a business help to reduce organic waste

With SB 1383 enforcement lurking over businesses starting in January, 2022, there is less than a year to prepare. Commercial Buildings and Multifamily Dwellings will be required to separate food waste and compostable waste from the main garbage waste stream at that time. What are a business’ best option? What should a business do to … Read more

What is SB 1383?

SB1383 Governs Organic Waste Disposal in California

WasteXperts can help your community or company prepare for and comply with California’s SB 1383. What is SB 1383? It is a law that establishes reduction targets for methane emissions. It is part of California’s efforts to reduce emissions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP) in order to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. SB 1383 requires … Read more

Trash Room Odor Removal You Can Bank On

Trash Room Odor Removal System - The Clean Air ActUVator

An apartment complex that was one of our waste diversion customers approached WasteXperts with a stinky problem. Their trash room odors were infiltrating a bank adjacent to their building. The bank staff was miserable, customers were unhappy, and the apartment managers didn’t know what to do. Common remedies like cleaning the trash room and trash … Read more

Photo Oxidation to Control Trash Room Odors

Odor Molecules Broken Down by UV Light

The Clean AirActUVator reduces or eliminates trash room odors by using Ultraviolet light (UV-C and UV-V) to cause chemical oxidation of the odor-causing molecules. This is the same process that occurs naturally outside in the atmosphere by interaction with sunlight. An example would be hydrogen sulfide molecules (H2S), which you might recognize as “rotten egg … Read more

How the Pandemic Impacts the Business of Garbage

The Business of Garbage

In normal times, waste hauling companies make most of their money with commercial accounts. Hauling trash from businesses and industrial sites make up the bulk of their income streams. Residential services, conversely, have little or no profit built in. The business clients essentially subsidize the residential users.  (Read more in this TIME interview with Waste … Read more

Illegal Dumping at a San Mateo Apartment Complex

Refrigerator and other appliances illegally dumped in an apartment complex parking lot.

The apartment complex in the heart of San Mateo is a garden-style apartment complex with 150 units. It’s in a bustling neighborhood with many residents prior to COVID commuting into the city on a daily basis. Because of its centralized location it was ideal for resident commuters, but unfortunately it also became the target of … Read more