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As any apartment property manager will tell you, trash rooms can be the source of major complaints from tenants. Some of the problems are easy to control, like sweeping and power washing floors and walls periodically to remove loose garbage that didn’t make it into the bin. But there are deeper issues with the dumpster and the trash chute that are not as easy to deal with. Rotten food and other bio debris cause major odor problems in and outside the trash room and will attract insects and rodents.

There are two approaches for controlling odors (not just covering up the odors with chemical scents) in the trash room:

Clean the room, chute, and dumpster thoroughly and often. This may involve power washing to remove debris and odors in the trash chute and refuse bins.

Remove odors with an ultraviolet air purifier that sanitizes the air using UV light.

Ultraviolet Light Air Sanitizer

The Clean Air ActUVator!

WasteXperts – Clean Air ActUVator is our new odor control system for trash rooms. It uses Ultraviolet (UV) light and Hydroxyl technology to reduce airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses, as well as break down layers of biofilm that cause odors. Removing the odors rather than covering them up has the added benefit of decreasing the quantity of flies, insects, and rodents that are attracted to the area. This is a top-of-the-line UV air purification system that greatly simplifies the waste management business and helps keep the air clean and safe.

Additional features of the Clean Air ActUVator:

Purifies the Air in Rooms up to 14,000 Cubic Feet

Processes up to 600 CFM

Uses Three Sanuvox UV J Sources

UV-C Sanitizes Air Passing Through the Box

UV-A Produces Ozone to Sanitize Outside Surfaces in the Trash Room, Dumpster, and Trash Chute

Easy to Install

Low Maintenance

Automatic Safety Shutoff Switch

Locked Panel to Prevent Tampering

Utilizes a Washable Metallic Pre-Filter

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