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“Is there something you can do about that trash chute odor” an optician asks as the smell of trash is vented out of an apartment complex trash room into their place of business. It was a perfect time to implement a trash chute odor control system and mitigate the odors generated from daily trash disposal at the five-story high-rise apartment complex next door.

It was an easy fix – we installed the Clean Air ActUVator, our trash room odor control system, and had results within an hour.  It worked so well that we were asked to install an additional unit in an adjacent trash room.  After speaking to the Eye care facility next door about the odor reduction, we were met with smiles and a thank you for our product. 

The Clean Air ActUVator is a UV Air purifier specially manufactured for Wastexperts, Inc. by Sanuvox.  It’s designed to remove odors in spaces of up to 14000 cubic feet.  It also features the ability to change the UV bulb configuration to not only control odors but also to reduce airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses.  The hydroxyl technology by UV photolysis eliminates odors associated with garbage and additionally reduces the presence of insects and flies in the room.

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