Waste Management and Sustainability Audits

WasteXperts Waste Management and Sustainability Audits will examine various aspects of your facility’s current waste disposal procedure for inefficiencies and show you how to reduce waste, increase recycling, and reduce waste disposal expenses. WasteXperts will audit your waste management hauler contract and billing to determine whether you are overspending, and will visit your site to audit your waste disposal facilities to find ways to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Facility Operational Audits

Our team will visit your site and make recommendations for waste disposal operations to help you improve your procedures for waste and recycling. Our recommendations will help you to:

Prevent recyclable contamination.

Keep your facilities cleaner.

Improve recyclable sorting.

Maximize recycling volumes.

Prevent fire code compliance fines.

Become aware of safety issues.

Attain LEED certification.

Facility Audit to Determine Quantities of Recyclables

Safety Audits

Whether it’s the client or our maintenance team members, no one needs to be put in an unsafe or risky situation that can cause harm. WasteXperts can perform safety inspections on all types of trash enclosure areas. Doing so allows our trash and recycling team to identify and foresee potential damage and injury. Our individualized safety report will provide thoughtful, industry-specific recommendations and solutions based on priority levels. Safety matters.

Safety Issue Found During Waste Management Audit

Waste Management Bill Auditing

Our professional team at WasteXperts can perform quarterly audits of your trash disposal and recycling bills. Waste management bill auditing ensures that your waste management haulers are charging appropriately and according to their current or proposed levels of service. As part of bill auditing, we will examine your contract to:

Determine if you are receiving the best pricing.

Stay ahead of rate hikes.

Find hidden or unnecessary fees.

Prevent you from being locked in.

Stop being billed for minimal loads.

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