Waste Audits

Did you know that recyclable and compostable materials make up roughly 40% of all material going to the landfill? Did you also know that solid waste is the most expensive means of removing material generated at your property while compost and recycling services are often offered at a much lower rate? Waste Audits can help your business keep recyclable and compostable materials out of the landfill and save you money.

Waste Audits to Reduce Waste Bills

If your property is receiving high waste bills, it’s likely there is an opportunity to increase your compost and recycling services as well as reduce your monthly waste bill. To accomplish this goal, it’s important to know what your facility’s current diversion rate is by performing waste audits. To implement changes, you first must get a true look at your current waste diversion – you should quite literally dumpster dive and see what items are going into your waste streams.

Our WasteXperts team will sort through your trash, recycling, and compost waste streams to determine what materials are generated at your property. We’ll then propose a new collection frequency based off the items sorted into eight categories. Recommendations will be included in the final report on your property’s diversion. It will provide instructions for training staff members and residents in order to properly utilize the new waste containers. On average, we are able to increase diversion by 20% for properties that receive our Waste Audits through right-sizing bins and through education.

Facility Audit to Determine Quantities of Recyclables

LEED Certified Waste Audits

Wastexperts provides LEED Certified Waste Audits for Commercial and Residential properties that are either going for LEED Certification or just looking to see where there are opportunities for further improving waste diversion at their properties. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is a “green” building rating system. LEED certification provides third-party verification and recognition of a building’s sustainability achievement and environmental leadership. Wastexperts will sort through one days’ worth of waste generated at your building to determine where your facilities current waste diversion and provide a full report detailing where there is room for further diversion opportunities.

Medical Center Waste Audit Example

We were contacted by a Medical Center that was spending thousands of dollars on their monthly waste bills. Their diversion rate was only 10%. They asked for our help finding opportunities for savings and increasing diversion. Our WasteXperts team sorted through more than 200 bags of waste at their site. They found that 60% of the material going into the trash could be diverted to compost and recycle facilities, which would lead to a significant savings in their waste bill! After our Waste Audit, we were able to make recommendations to change their current waste system that cut their waste bills in half and increased their monthly diversion by over 50%! This was a great win for the business’ budget and sustainability goals.

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