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Trash and Recycling Management

WasteXperts’ Trash and Recycling Management service will maximize recycling on the property with waste sorting programs that promote sustainability goals and comply with city and state regulations. Our team will visit your site three to five times a week to maintain the complex’s trash and recycling enclosure areas and to sort trash, recycling, and compost materials. Our trash and recycling service:

  • Increases the properties’ recycling and organics diversions to bring the property into compliance
  • Helps eliminate nasty trash room odors
  • Maintains the appearance of the property
  • Saves the property money on waste management fees

Our Trash and Recycling Management Procedure

WasteXperts will commit to work with the hauler and/or city to understand, develop, and implement procedures and processes to meet compliance requirements. Each city has unique requirements for Waste, Recycling, and Compost. WasteXperts implements a sorting system to help each property to get in compliance with state and city regulations.

Everyday onsite, the WasteXperts team will sort items into the proper receptacle while compacting and eliminating wasted space. During Wastexperts time spent onsite, all floors will be swept and overflow will be evenly distributed throughout to keep levels consistent. All cardboard boxes and recyclable material will be broken down and condensed to maximize volume levels.

WasteXperts will take on the responsibility of informing the hauler and the property of missed pickups or damages to the enclosures.

WasteXperts team will proactively notify the property of service issues or concerns that could result in overflows, excess yardage, non-compliance, safety hazards, or other potential waste-related fines.

If there is Compaction equipment onsite, WasteXperts will run and manage the compactor and notify the property if there are any issues with the compaction equipment.

The Benefits of Controlling Waste Diversion

Most properties see a large number of Gallons Per Unit (GPU) of refuse. Owing to COVID stay-in-place orders and more people working from home, all properties nationwide have noticed an increase in waste levels and GPU. WasteXperts’ Trash and Recycling Management service lowers your GPU, lowers your monthly waste management spend by reconfiguring receptacles, and helps maintain the cleanliness of the property while getting the property in compliance with state regulations.

Get a Free Quote

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any issues you might have further, or to schedule a free onsite inspection by your local sales associate. WasteXperts would like to extend our help by also offering free unlimited bulk item hauling when accompanied with trash and recycling management services for all new customers until the end of the year.

Bin Pulling and Push Backs

At WasteXperts, we offer Bin Pulling/Pushing Services making your trash and recycling management easier. We will arrive at your property to pull out your waste, recycling, and compost bins in coordination with regularly scheduled collection days. After your waste bins have been emptied, our team members will push your waste bins back to their proper location. It’s convenient and that simple!

Waste Management Bill Auditing

Our professional team at WasteXperts can perform quarterly audits of your trash and recycling management bill. Waste management bill auditing ensures that your waste management haulers are charging appropriately and according to their current or proposed levels of service. Put your mind at ease. Contact us for pricing related to our waste management bill auditing services. We are a simple phone call away.

Bulk Item Hauling

Bulk Item Hauling is the removal of resident-generated bulk items that collects from move ins, move outs, or large-item purchases. Bulk items include discarded belongings like mattresses, furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, bicycles, shipping boxes, etc.  WasteXperts can haul larger items and appliances as an add-on to basic waste diversion services. For more information, see Bulk Item Hauling.

Safety Audits

Whether it’s the client or our maintenance team members, no one needs to be put in an unsafe or risky situation that can cause harm. WasteXpert can perform safety inspections on all types of trash enclosure areas. Doing so allows our trash and recycling team to identify and foresee potential damage and injury. Our individualized safety report will provide thoughtful, industry-specific recommendations and solutions based on priority levels. Safety matters. It’s time to consider a waste management safety audit. Please contact us for our safety audit services pricing.