Bulk Item Hauling

Bulk Item Hauling is the removal of resident-generated bulk items that collects from move ins, move outs, or large item purchases. Bulk items include discarded belongings like mattresses, furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, bicycles, shipping boxes, etc. WasteXperts can haul larger items and appliances as an add-on to basic waste diversion services.

Often properties do not know where to begin for bulk item waste removal. WasteXperts provides a monthly pricing model that economically and effectively solves for removal and disposal of bulk items in a timely manner.

If we do not have a contract, WasteXperts will still remove the bulk items and will provide an itemized billing for all items removed. Or WasteXperts will remove the bulk items within 72 hours of written authorization from the property for removal of bulk items.

Refrigerator and other appliances illegally dumped in an apartment complex parking lot.


Bulky items around the property not only make it look bad, but WasteXperts has found that residents are more likely just to dump additional bulk items when they see it is common practice. Removal of bulk items not only helps to beautify the property, but also works as a deterrent against additional dumping. Other benefits to our bulk item hauling include:

Removing hazards caused by bulk items reduces liability issues.

Maintenance does not have to deal with removal of bulk items and can focus on more pressing issues.

Removing eyesores keeps the property safe and clean.

Keeping the grounds clean deters additional residents from contributing to a growing pile of bulk items.

Properties can rest assured that bulk items will be disposed of properly in a timely manner.

A clean appearance projects positively on the quality of the property.

Our customers know that for a monthly cost they no longer have to worry about the accumulation or disposal of bulk items that are inevitable for any multi family dwelling.

Case Study – Illegal Dumping at a Multi Family Dwelling

Most properties see the accumulation of bulk items either from move outs or from illegal dumping. One such property WasteXperts was able to help was the target of illegal dumping because of their location. They did not have the ability to put in fences or security cameras. With WasteXperts regularly removing the bulk items from the property, they have seen a dramatic decrease in all illegal dumping at the property. Residents have not only commented to management about the improvement but are doing a better job themselves of taking their bulk items to the proper location for removal. 

Introductory Offer

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any issues you might have further or to schedule a free onsite inspection by your local sales associate. Because of the increase in waste WasteXperts has seen across all of our properties, and because we want to help solve the problem, WasteXperts is offering free unlimited bulk item hauling when accompanied with trash and recycling management services for all new customers until the end of the year.