Blue Bag Recycling Program

Our Blue Bag recycling program that is included in our Trash and Recycling Management service prevents trash room messes while helping multi-family dwellings stay in compliance with recycling regulations. Most midrise and high-rise apartment or condo buildings have only one trash chute for residents to deposit garbage. These properties provide recycling holding containers in the downstairs trash room, which requires residents to carry their recycling down and deposit it in the correct cart. If they are used, the recycling carts fill up quickly. This can cause large pile ups of recycling in trash rooms and makes access to trash chutes difficult. The inconvenience of carrying down their recycling and dealing with the mess in the trash room causes some residents to not even bother with recycling.

WasteXperts Trash and Recycling Management service solves these problems by implementing our Blue Bag program. The Blue Bag recycling program makes it much easier for residents to participate in recycling. Residents collect recyclables in Blue Bags provided by WasteXperts. They can then conveniently throw them in the trash chute for disposal. The WasteXperts team removes them from the waste dumpster and sorts and deposits them in the appropriate recycling receptacle. The result is trash rooms that are clean and clear of debris, while the complex vastly improves its recycling quotas. The program brings them into compliance and they save money on their waste management bill to boot!

Blue Bag Recycling Program Increases Seattle Apartment Recycling Diversion by 30%!

Many midrise and high-rise buildings in Seattle have trash rooms that only have a single trash chute. This leaves sites with the only option of placing recycle holding containers in trash rooms and often causes pile ups between service.

We had a client in Downtown Seattle reach out to us for assistance. They wanted to increase their recycling diversion and encourage residents to recycle. This midrise had ten trash rooms, each with only one trash chute. Residents were asked to walk recycling down to the trash enclosures that were in the parking garage. Due to the inconvenience, many residents were not recycling and just sent all of their waste and recycling down the trash chutes. This was keeping the building from adhering to the City of Seattle’s requirement for all properties to participate in recycling programs.

With the implementation of our Blue Bag Recycling program, we increased participation in the buildings recycle programs and increased the sites’ diversion by 30%! Not only are residents able to recycle with convenience but the WasteXperts’ Trash and Recycling Management service with the Blue Bag program is also extremely affordable! In many cases, the reduction in trash volume will reduce your waste management expenses more than enough to pay for our service!

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