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WasteXperts Base Services

At WasteXperts, our basic services include various waste management and waste diversion components compliant with local and state waste management regulations and ordinances. Aligned with our mission and core values, our waste management and waste diversion services are specifically designed for each property, viable, and cost-effective saving our customers money. Our trash and recycling programs’ best practices support sustainable goals and a reduced waste footprint for our customers and the communities we serve. Isn’t this what we all want?

Trash & Recycling Management

A Clean Sweep!! WasteXperts will maintain the complex’s trash and recycling enclosure areas by cleaning and sweeping regularly.
Use and Reuse!! WasteXperts will maximize recycling on the property with waste sorting programs that promote sustainability goals and comply with city and state regulations. This includes organic recycling programs and regularly sorting easily accessible recyclable material from the complex’s trash bins.
A Clean Getaway!! WasteXperts provides hands-on servicing of property between 3-5 times a week to help eliminate nasty trash room odors and maintain the appearance of the property.
Heavy Lifting!! WasteXperts provides hauling services and removal of bulk item furniture.


Waste Sorting Programs at WasteXperts
We have one world. How we treat our planet matters not only to our way of life but to the existence of future generations. Because reducing our waste footprint is vital to our survival, trash, and recycling management matters as do our waste sorting programs.

WasteXperts takes recycling seriously by offering waste sorting of easily accessible recyclable material from trash bins to ensure that recycling is maximized. Doing so benefits both client and community. If we have said it once, we will say it a thousand times – There is no Planet B.

Odor Control

WasteXperts has a firm handle on the nasty odors associated with trash. With a proven track record, our proprietary Clean Air ActUVator offers an odor-eliminating solution that harnesses the naturally occurring process known as hydroxyl generation. Specifically designed to fit any size trash room, the Clean Air ActUVator odor box is non-toxic to humans and animals. Yes – Mother Nature is our guide! For WasteXperts and our customers, the Clean Air ActUVator is the sweet smell of success.

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Come Talk to Us at WasteXperts
We get it. You have questions and specific concerns about waste management, waste diversion, and recycling for your complex or property. You want options. You want the program designed for your property to be viable, affordable, and sustainable. And, you want to be sure your waste management partner uses best practices and methods in compliance with local and state regulations. At WasteXperts, we understand your concerns. Your concerns are real! We want to help. And, we want to hear from you.

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Odor Control

Believing in unlimited possibilities, Wastexperts began researching and developing a superior solution to control odor within indoor trash rooms and trash chutes. Working with fellow like-minded company, Sanuvox, the two pooled smarts and drive prototyping a product to control and eliminate stinky trash room odors.

Long story short - WasteXperts announced our Clean Air ActUVator.

Here is how it works – The Clean Air ActUVator mimics the naturally occurring process of hydroxyl generation which happens when ultraviolet rays of sunlight interact with water vapor. This reaction produces hydroxyl molecules that naturally decompose a variety of harmful compounds in the air and combat bacteria, mold, fumes, and, most importantly, the nasty odors within trash rooms.

Non-toxic to both humans and animals, ActUVator's sleek design fits in any size trash room. With a solid track record and positive results, this system is a necessary solution to squash those stinky smells lingering in an indoor trash room or chute. YUP! You guessed it. WasteXperts has a handle on eliminating trash room odors. If you would like to know more and smell less, contact us for a free Clean Air ActUVator consultation. Because we're motivated to reduce the world’s waste footprint, WasteXperts is happy to answer any of your questions.


As members of the California Apartment Association (CAA), Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (WMFHA), and National Apartment Association (NAA), WasteXperts has gained our industry's respect as a leader in the Pacific-Northwest. Our team has professional experience and know-how to alleviate any concerns regarding your property's specific trash and recycling management needs. Whether your waste management needs involve a waste audit and contamination fees, or waste sorting and organic recycling programs, WasteXperts offers waste consulting services and we are ready to help. Other program development and resident education include such things as information regarding adequate refuse separation, details pertaining to mandatory recycling and composting ordinances, back of house sorting, the diversion of recyclable materials, and the decontamination of all waste streams.

WasteXperts can give you answers. We believe that managing one's waste footprint is essential to our existence and future. We believe partnering with a zero-waste facilitator, like us, will provide the services you need when you need them. We believe in developing quality long-term partnerships with clients that enhance and reflect our core values of respect, trust, and the need for a cleaner world. And, finally, we believe in viable, affordable, and sustainable waste management and diversion practices in compliance with local and state regulations. We take waste management and recycling seriously. And, we believe you do, too.

Give us a call: (855) WASTEX1 (855-927-8391).

Bin Pulling and Push Backs

At WasteXperts, we offer Bin Pulling/Pushing Services making your trash and recycling management easier. We will arrive at your property to pull out your waste, recycling, and compost bins in coordination with regularly scheduled collection days. After your waste bins have been emptied, our team members will push your waste bins back to their proper location. It’s convenient and that simple!

Waste Management Bill Auditing

Our professional team at WasteXperts can perform quarterly audits of your trash and recycling management bill. Waste management bill auditing ensures that your waste management haulers are charging appropriately and according to their current or proposed levels of service. Put your mind at ease. Contact us for pricing related to our waste management bill auditing services. We are a simple phone call away.

Bulk Item Hauling

Bulk Item Hauling is the removal of resident-generated bulk items that collects from move ins, move outs, or large-item purchases. Bulk items include discarded belongings like mattresses, furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, bicycles, shipping boxes, etc.  WasteXperts can haul larger items and appliances as an add-on to basic waste diversion services. For more information, see Bulk Item Hauling.

Safety Audits

Whether it’s the client or our maintenance team members, no one needs to be put in an unsafe or risky situation that can cause harm. WasteXpert can perform safety inspections on all types of trash enclosure areas. Doing so allows our trash and recycling team to identify and foresee potential damage and injury. Our individualized safety report will provide thoughtful, industry-specific recommendations and solutions based on priority levels. Safety matters. It’s time to consider a waste management safety audit. Please contact us for our safety audit services pricing.