Wastexperts Base Services

At WasteXperts, our basic services include various waste management and waste diversion components compliant with local and state waste management regulations and ordinances. Aligned with our mission and core values, our waste management and waste diversion services are specifically designed for each property, viable, and cost-effective saving our customers money. Our trash and recycling programs’ best practices support sustainable goals and a reduced waste footprint for our customers and the communities we serve. Isn’t this what we all want?

Trash & Recycling Management

A Clean Sweep!!  WasteXperts will maintain the complex’s trash and recycling enclosure areas by cleaning and sweeping regularly.

Use and Reuse!!  WasteXperts will maximize recycling on the property with waste sorting programs that promote sustainability goals and comply with city and state regulations. This includes organic recycling programs and regularly sorting easily accessible recyclable material from the complex’s trash bins.

A Clean Getaway!!  WasteXperts provides hands-on servicing of property between 3-5 times a week to help eliminate nasty trash room odors and maintain the appearance of the property.

Heavy Lifting!!  WasteXperts provides hauling services and removal of bulk item furniture.


Waste Sorting Programs at WasteXperts

We have one world. How we treat our planet matters not only to our way of life but to the existence of future generations. Because reducing our waste footprint is vital to our survival, trash, and recycling management matters as do our waste sorting programs.

WasteXperts takes recycling seriously by offering waste sorting of easily accessible recyclable material from trash bins to ensure that recycling is maximized. Doing so benefits both client and community. If we have said it once, we will say it a thousand times – There is no Planet B.

Odor Control

Say “No” to Nasty Odors!!!

WasteXperts has a firm handle on the nasty odors associated with trash. With a proven track record, our proprietary Clean Air ActUVator offers an odor-eliminating solution that harnesses the naturally occurring process known as hydroxyl generation. Specifically designed to fit any size trash room, the Clean Air ActUVator odor box is non-toxic to humans and animals. Yes – Mother Nature is our guide! For WasteXperts and our customers, the Clean Air ActUVator is the sweet smell of success.

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Come Talk to Us at WasteXperts

We get it. You have questions and specific concerns about waste management, waste diversion, and recycling for your complex or property. You want options. You want the program designed for your property to be viable, affordable, and sustainable. And, you want to be sure your waste management partner uses best practices and methods in compliance with local and state regulations. At WasteXperts, we understand your concerns. Your concerns are real! We want to help. And, we want to hear from you.

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