Wastexperts realizes that each property’s / client’s needs are unique. There is rarely just one solution. Knowing this, Wastexperts implements a proprietary customized processes to maximize the efficiencies of a property to ensure that the property is able to realize minimum trash volumes and maximize recycling volumes. By doing this, Wastexperts goal is to make all of our properties greener and environmentally friendly.

No. Wastexperts is not a broker. The reason why Wastexperts is able to have the success it does is because Wastexperts field crews actually service the properties between 3 to 5 days per week.

No. All employees of Wastexperts are W2 wage earners. In addition, all vehicles used to service properties are part of the Wastexperts corporate fleet. This further protects our clients from any potential issues and ensures that the Wastexperts team and fleet are fully covered under its corporate insurance coverage.

No, Wastexperts is not a hauler but instead works concurrently with the existing hauler to minimize trash volumes while maximizing recycling volumes. In many instances, this results in an overall cost savings to the property / client.

Definitely. “Producer responsibility” requirements for recycling and disposal of hazardous items are increasing on every level of government municipalities. With these increased regulations, any properties that are not adhering to said regulations will begin receiving financial penalties. In addition, Wastexperts believes it is the responsibility of everyone to make more of an effort to take care of the environment.

Depends on the type of service that a property / client determines is best for their situation. However, typically Wastexperts only asks for a Thirty (30) Day notice of cancellation. Wastexperts will then convert the property back to it’s original service levels.

Wastexperts should always be the primary contact for any issues related to a property’s trash / recycling service. By being the primary contact, Wastexperts is able to:

  • Communicate directly with our Field Service teams to obtain complete, accurate and real time updates and/or issues
  • Verify the accuracy of hauler invoices and service levels
  • Allows clients to have one contact and saves times dealing with other parties

As we mentioned, each property’s needs / requirements are unique. However, in most every instance, Wastexperts is able to implement its service without adding any additional cost to the property. This means that the cost of the hauler as well as Wastexperts will be less than what the property is currently paying.

The property will need to send the team at Wastexperts three (3) months of complete trash / hauling bills. After this, a site inspection will be scheduled to explore what program would work best at the property. Once the proposal is signed by the property then Wastexperts will work directly with the hauler and property to coordinate service level changes and service will begin. Typically, there is no action required by the property other than reviewing and approving the proposals.

Simple click on the “Request a Quote” link on our website or email us at info@wastexperts.net and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Wastexperts will be closed to observe the following holidays. We may have limited crews in some cities, contact WX for further inquiry.

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Memorial Day
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