About WasteXperts

Our Roots

In 1992, WasteXperts’ founder, David Lentz, envisioned more significant and better solutions regarding waste management and waste diversion for small apartment complexes. A forward thinker, Lentz, believed that trash and recycling management solutions were imperative as we only have one world that gets smaller and smaller every day. Lentz wanted to create a company that would make a difference to our communities and the overall environment itself. This is precisely what he did.

Lentz understood that innovative solutions were necessary to achieve sustainability goals. He realized that the development of best practices was vital to improving waste management, trash and recycling options for multi-family dwelling properties. By continually seeking innovative strategies and new techniques designed to improve waste sorting, waste management, and waste diversion, Lentz made his ideas came to fruition one satisfied customer at a time. After all, there is no Planet B.

With grit and determination, WasteXperts has earned a reputation as the go-to-source and middleman between trash disposal companies and multi-family dwelling properties. Responding to an increased demand for compliant, cost-effective, and efficient trash and recycling management solutions, WasteXperts now offers its services to all property types including but not limited to the following: commercial office, retail, and industrial buildings. Regardless of the challenge or property type, Wastexperts has developed and implemented customized trash and recycling management programs. Not only have these programs achieved sustainability goals, but they continue to reduce waste costs showing clients a combined annual savings of more than $1.5 million. This savings is inclusive of any WasteXperts’ fees.

But there is more to our story than trash removal…

Recently, Lentz’s vision for WasteXperts has evolved toward a mission of zero-waste. A smaller waste footprint gives the ultimate gift of a cleaner world to future generations. With innovation, improved technology, proper utilization of our resources, and by forming partnerships with other like-minded zero-waste facilitators, WasteXperts has shown an exemplary commitment to moving forward and being better prepared to manage waste, diversion, and recycling.

With five offices throughout Washington and California, WasteXperts has a proven track record that includes superior customer service and real solutions to trash management. In addition, we provide waste consulting services, refuse separation including back-of-house sorting, organics recycling programs, separation and diversion of recyclable materials, decontamination of all waste streams, elimination of trash room and chute odors, and the removal of bulk items like furniture. Standing behind their work, WasteXperts ensures their waste management programs are compliant with city and state waste management, waste reduction, and recycling regulations and ordinances.

As members of the California Apartment Association (CAA), the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association (WMFHA), and the National Apartment Association (NAA), WasteXperts has gained the waste removal industry’s respect as a leader on the West Coast and Pacific-Northwest. Simply stated, WasteXperts offers superior customer service and real solutions that are viable, affordable, and sustainable. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? The answer is…. “YES!

Our Mission

To develop results-driven, waste management and waste diversion solutions that are viable, affordable, and sustainable while reducing our waste footprint.

Company Values

At the heart of a successful business is the driving force that makes it tick. A business needs to provide a valuable product or service. It must be committed to its mission, and it must harness the strength of its core values. This concept is as essential as a Business 101 class in college.

Let’s take this a step further.

A company’s set of core values must unfold into the corporate culture and guide best practices. They must lend themselves to the qualities that make the business unique. For WasteXperts, an industry leader in waste management and waste diversion in Washington state and California, this idea is especially true.

Our core values and corporate culture at WasteXperts start with top-level management and work their way down to team members in the field. For founder, David Lentz, it has been simple. He wanted a company that would build long-lasting partnerships with clients steeped in respect. He wanted WasteXperts to be an integral part of a variety of communities providing an essential and cost-effective service. He wanted to share his forward-thinking and by doing so, he wanted to foster ingenuity among his co-workers. He wanted WasteXperts to lead the way in waste management and waste diversion with new technologies and state-of-the-art systems. He wanted to provide better solutions to confront everything from waste sorting programs to how to avoid contamination fines. Simply stated, Lentz wanted a company with the 20/20 vision to see a cleaner world with less waste. This is precisely what he accomplished.

With five offices in California and Washington, WasteXperts develops custom, results-driven waste management and waste diversion solutions that are not only viable, affordable, sustainable but also compliant with local and state laws. After all, decreasing our waste footprint and leaving a better world for future generations matters to all.