How the Pandemic Impacts the Business of Garbage

Curbside Garbage Cans

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives profoundly.  From our work lives to our social lives to our economic well-being, things are far different than we would have foreseen a year ago.  And for many Americans, it is about to affect our lives yet again in a way we may never have considered—how much we … Read more

Illegal Dumping at a San Mateo Apartment Complex

Refrigerator and other appliances illegally dumped in an apartment complex parking lot.

The apartment complex in the heart of San Mateo is a garden-style apartment complex with 150 units. It’s in a bustling neighborhood with many residents prior to COVID commuting into the city on a daily basis. Because of its centralized location it was ideal for resident commuters, but unfortunately it also became the target of … Read more